Reasons not to fall in love too fast

Like fine wine true love matures with time. You cannot just rush it. Many people that start dating and meet an attractive partner online begin to feel they are in love. Online dating has made many people super romantic, which is a great thing as long as the falling in love process is not hurried. Love evolves with time and is not to be confused with lust or infatuation that can take place instantly. Love needs time and patience and needs to be cultivated with care and diligence.

Falling in love gradually is being prudent

It can lead to instability: Falling in love too fast can cause instability in our lives. The risk of falling in love too fast can take a heavy toll on different aspects of your life. If the other person does not reciprocate the same feelings, and you fall madly in love without giving them a chance it could ruin the relationship and lead to heartbreak and pain. Failing in love can be a very painful and destabilizing factor in our lives, especially if we fall in love too fast.

Reflect poor self-image: Men that suffer from low self-esteem tend to seek validation from others. They think that falling in love and being in multiple relationships will give them confidence. Actually, they are seeking a partner to feel good for themselves. The result is when they fall in love too fast without making an attempt to even know the person, the result of the relationship breaking up is much higher. When this happens it is a big blow to their self-confidence and esteem. It becomes a vicious cycle where they bounce from one disastrous relationship to another.

Indicates being co-dependent: Another negative aspect of men that fall in love too quickly is they tend to become co-dependent, which is extremely unhealthy for any type of relationship. It shows they need someone to be there for them at all times to feel secure and get on with their lives. It becomes difficult for them to function if they are not in a relationship. This is psychologically very damaging and can also make the men prone to anxiety in a relationship.

Become addictive: Those that fall in love too easily find they are attracted to multiple partners, even when in a relationship. This is highly addictive behavior and will destroy any existing relationship. Carrying your heart on your sleeve becomes habitual and falling in and out of love becomes a second habit. It is not possible to enjoy a satisfying relationship with anyone partner because of this negative trait.

It tends to lower standards: One needs to be selective about the type of partner they seek in their romantic life. When we fall in love too easily we tend to lower our standards in choosing partners. This could have disastrous results for both partners. Women also appreciate men that maintain their dignity and a certain standard when it comes to choosing women. They do not appreciate a Romeo that falls for every woman that he comes across.

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