Never Date These Types of Women

Dating is fun if you meet the right person

Dating is a great way to lead an active and fulfilling social life. When it comes to finding dates online dating sites are the best option, although you could look for local partners through personals, singles clubs etc. Finding local women is much easier dating online than offline. Plus you get a much wider choice of partners, as there are plenty of women looking for men online. However, we need to be cautious when selecting the type of women to date, or else we could end up in a disastrous relationship.

Avoid dating these kinds of women

The insecure type: These kinds of women can make your life and the relationship a living hell. They will never feel secure no matter what you do to prove your love. They will constantly badger you if you are late, talking on the phone or are seen in the company of another female friend or colleague. With insecurity comes jealousy and that can really ruin your life and peace of mind. They begin to feel they own you and your life, so you can imagine the predicament you will be stuck in if you make the mistake of dating an insecure woman.

Does not respect your personal space: Avoid a woman that wants to be with you every single day and does not respect your personal space. There is a very high probability that she suffers from co-dependency issues and is a clingy type of partner. This would make it impossible to have a mature and balanced relationship with her at any stage.

Social media addicts: These are attention seekers that seek and need approval from others in everything they do. They are desperate for acceptance from their peers and are constantly seeking likes for everything they do. They are attention seekers, with many sharing their personal lives and details online. The last thing you need is having your personal relationship secrets shared across social media platforms. There has to be a distinction between sharing general and personal content. For her getting approval from social media friends will overrule spending quality time with you.

Stuck to the phone: Having a serious and meaningful relationship with a woman that is constantly checking every single notification on her phone, is near impossible. She will always be distracted and not really pay much attention to what you are saying. If she is unable to lay her phone down and focus on you, the relationship is not going anywhere.

Selfie crazy: These are women that desperately need to get their act together. They don’t have anything constructive in life happening and are mostly busy posing for selfies at every chance. Having a selfie-addiction is a form of extreme narcissism, where the individual is obsessed with themselves and their appearance. If you find her obsessed with posting selfies all over social media and other social platforms, she is definitely not the right one for you.

One that cannot keep a secret: The last thing you need to learn from an outsider re the intimate details of your relationship, which were shared by your partner. A woman that blabbers too much and just cannot keep a secret will be a disaster to date or be in a relationship. She just does not know the meaning of privacy and could cause severe problems in your life.

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