Top Things To Know About True Love

True love is an amazing experience. From fairy-tales to TV shows and novels, the idea of true love has been around for a very long time. So it is only natural for people to search for true love. Even though the way people date these days may be different from traditional methods of dating, the goal is to find true love. And despite common misconception, you can find true love on an online dating site. How do you know it is true love when looking for single women or men on a dating service? Here are the things you should know about true love.

True love starts with self-love

The biggest mistake you can make is to find yourself in your true love. Before joining an online dating service or deciding to find a woman online, look at yourself first. If you don’t love yourself you can’t expect someone else to love you. So take some time and figure out what you love about yourself. Once you have enough self-love, true love will come with ease.

True love is selfless

It is not right for someone to ask you to change just for the sake of your relationship. True love is considerate of how you feel and will never ask you to change. The whole point is for you to love each other as you are.

True love is not scared of commitment

People are scared of commitment for various reasons. Some of these include:
● Fear of disappointment;
● Being too busy;
● Feeling trapped in a relationship;
● Fear of losing freedom;
● Fear of rejection.

If the person truly loves you he or she won’t be afraid to take the next step. True love makes you want to stay committed to only one person.

True love never ends

When you truly love someone the small roadblocks don’t affect your relationship. True love means that you are capable of solving any problems that may develop. No matter how hard it may be if you are determined, you and your true love will be together no matter what.

True love lets you be yourself

It is difficult to be yourself around your partner when you start a relationship. But with time, as you grow closer, you should feel free to be yourself. You shouldn’t be afraid of your partner seeing you without makeup. Being in love means that your partner can see you in messy situations and still see you as beautiful and attractive.

True love starts with friendship

Being friends before falling in love is a great way to start a relationship. But life doesn’t always put you in such situations. So even if you decide to use online dating, you can still be friends once you start your relationship. Being friends means you can talk, make jokes, and have fun together. Romance might fade with time but being friends will keep you together.


It is not impossible to find true love on a dating site. Finding true love starts with you. Find yourself and love yourself first. True love allows you to be yourself and is not scared to be committed to you. True love should last you a lifetime.

Tips to Start Being Afraid of Cheating

Many single women that start online dating or even are into conventional dating tend to get bogged down with an irrational fear of being cheated on. This is more so with those women that hook up with a partner at dating site although, even women in a healthy relationship tend to feel the same pangs of insecurity. The fact is whether you meet up at an online dating service or through friends and are in a relationship, there is no guarantee of having a relationship without hurdles. However, it does not mean that the women begin to distrust their partner without any apparent reasons for cheating on them.

There may be several reasons with one of the main reasons being that of having been cheated in past relationships. The women might have also dated men that did not give fidelity too much of importance in their relationships. Consequently, the fear remains instilled and results in the woman partner being suspicious even in their current stable relationship. This arises despite the fact of there being no actual evidence that the partner is not being loyal in the relationship. This could be disastrous for the relationship unless it is dealt with in the early stages.

A few tips from folks at for women to handle irrational fears in relationships include:

Stop holding on to the past

The very first thing to ensure your current relationship is a healthy one is to throw off all past baggage from earlier relationships. This is especially about carrying emotional stuff as to how you were cheated in the past. You need not dwell on what happened and look at the present and future with hope and optimism. If your previous partner was a cheat t does not necessarily mean that the current one would be up to the same tricks. You need to start with a clean slate and cast aside all past painful memories of an unhappy relationship. Once you begin with a positive approach in your current relationship, it will help to prevent irrational fears of getting cheated again.

Address any irrational fears

If you are in a relationship and begin to get irrational fears about your partner you need to confront and address these. Write down and rationalize the facts or discuss it with your best friend. The quicker you deal with these negative thoughts the better it will be for your relationship.

Discuss it with your partner

If at any point you feel your imagination or specifically your thoughts are getting out of control, it is always a good idea to discuss your feelings with your partner. Let them know the reasons you feel so and talk it over with them. They might be able to allay your fears and give you the necessary empathy.

Stop going with gut feelings

Many people begin to imagine that all their gut instincts are always right. This is definitely not the case with most people, so just because you feel that your partner is unfaithful as a gut instinct; do not be led straightaway by your feelings. Learn to observe and analyze before rushing into making judgments.

Tips to Recognize He is The Ideal Partner

Online dating is an exciting way to meet plenty of single men and women that you would otherwise not be able to meet in regular circumstances. There are plenty of free online dating sites where you can meet some wonderful prospective partners. One of them even might be the ideal man you were searching for to spend your life with.

Signs to look for in a man

Very communicative

One of the most important aspects of any relationship is being able to communicate without any barriers. This is the prerequisite to have a successful long term relationship and marriage. If a man is forthcoming about his feelings and enquires about yours he is interested in taking the relationship further. Clear communications about the smallest of emotions help to understand each other well and leave no room for misunderstandings. If he is open and communicative about everything including his feelings, there is a possibility of things working out.

Attentive to needs

When a man takes extra care and is attentive about the smallest needs of a woman he is a good partner. Some men do not take or effort to even try and understand their partners and take them for granted. Avoid men that act that they are too dumb to understand your needs.

Appreciate you beyond the physical aspects

Every man likes a good looking partner they could flaunt to everyone. The key is, does he care more about your appearance than for your nature and other qualities? Any good partner will move beyond the physical attributes alone and look beyond and deeper in a woman. If he understands and respects your views, opinions and qualities, he is definitely worth seriously considering spending your life with.

Demonstrates respect

One of the most important signs of a good relationship are both partners demonstrate respect towards each other. A man that truly loves a woman will always respects get in totality. Even if he disagrees about certain aspects he will express his feelings without disrespecting her in any manner. Signs that he respects you are being courteous when with others or even when alone, care for your feelings, is attentive to all your needs etc. He will always give you more time and respect than other women around.

Give personal space:

Remember every man likes his own personal space including downtime with his pals. The same applies to women that need time and space to be on their own. They need to have equal freedom to hang out with their besties, whenever the need arises. A good male partner will realise the significance of this and will not restrict the freedom of his female partner. He will never mind if you go out to the movies with your girl group or spend time on the phone. He will not express his jealousy when you are around other men.

Shoulders responsibilities

Another important sign that the man is good husband material is when he shares the burden of responsibilities equally in all tasks. At no time does he shirk his responsibility, whether it is doing the laundry or washing the dishes. Any many who takes up ownership of his duties and shares the burden equally with his partner would make a good life partner.

These are some of the most critical signs that show when a man is ideal husband material.

Never Date These Types of Women

Dating is fun if you meet the right person

Dating is a great way to lead an active and fulfilling social life. When it comes to finding dates online dating sites are the best option, although you could look for local partners through personals, singles clubs etc. Finding local women is much easier dating online than offline. Plus you get a much wider choice of partners, as there are plenty of women looking for men online. However, we need to be cautious when selecting the type of women to date, or else we could end up in a disastrous relationship.

Avoid dating these kinds of women

The insecure type: These kinds of women can make your life and the relationship a living hell. They will never feel secure no matter what you do to prove your love. They will constantly badger you if you are late, talking on the phone or are seen in the company of another female friend or colleague. With insecurity comes jealousy and that can really ruin your life and peace of mind. They begin to feel they own you and your life, so you can imagine the predicament you will be stuck in if you make the mistake of dating an insecure woman.

Does not respect your personal space: Avoid a woman that wants to be with you every single day and does not respect your personal space. There is a very high probability that she suffers from co-dependency issues and is a clingy type of partner. This would make it impossible to have a mature and balanced relationship with her at any stage.

Social media addicts: These are attention seekers that seek and need approval from others in everything they do. They are desperate for acceptance from their peers and are constantly seeking likes for everything they do. They are attention seekers, with many sharing their personal lives and details online. The last thing you need is having your personal relationship secrets shared across social media platforms. There has to be a distinction between sharing general and personal content. For her getting approval from social media friends will overrule spending quality time with you.

Stuck to the phone: Having a serious and meaningful relationship with a woman that is constantly checking every single notification on her phone, is near impossible. She will always be distracted and not really pay much attention to what you are saying. If she is unable to lay her phone down and focus on you, the relationship is not going anywhere.

Selfie crazy: These are women that desperately need to get their act together. They don’t have anything constructive in life happening and are mostly busy posing for selfies at every chance. Having a selfie-addiction is a form of extreme narcissism, where the individual is obsessed with themselves and their appearance. If you find her obsessed with posting selfies all over social media and other social platforms, she is definitely not the right one for you.

One that cannot keep a secret: The last thing you need to learn from an outsider re the intimate details of your relationship, which were shared by your partner. A woman that blabbers too much and just cannot keep a secret will be a disaster to date or be in a relationship. She just does not know the meaning of privacy and could cause severe problems in your life.

Reasons not to fall in love too fast

Like fine wine true love matures with time. You cannot just rush it. Many people that start dating and meet an attractive partner online begin to feel they are in love. Online dating has made many people super romantic, which is a great thing as long as the falling in love process is not hurried. Love evolves with time and is not to be confused with lust or infatuation that can take place instantly. Love needs time and patience and needs to be cultivated with care and diligence.

Falling in love gradually is being prudent

It can lead to instability: Falling in love too fast can cause instability in our lives. The risk of falling in love too fast can take a heavy toll on different aspects of your life. If the other person does not reciprocate the same feelings, and you fall madly in love without giving them a chance it could ruin the relationship and lead to heartbreak and pain. Failing in love can be a very painful and destabilizing factor in our lives, especially if we fall in love too fast.

Reflect poor self-image: Men that suffer from low self-esteem tend to seek validation from others. They think that falling in love and being in multiple relationships will give them confidence. Actually, they are seeking a partner to feel good for themselves. The result is when they fall in love too fast without making an attempt to even know the person, the result of the relationship breaking up is much higher. When this happens it is a big blow to their self-confidence and esteem. It becomes a vicious cycle where they bounce from one disastrous relationship to another.

Indicates being co-dependent: Another negative aspect of men that fall in love too quickly is they tend to become co-dependent, which is extremely unhealthy for any type of relationship. It shows they need someone to be there for them at all times to feel secure and get on with their lives. It becomes difficult for them to function if they are not in a relationship. This is psychologically very damaging and can also make the men prone to anxiety in a relationship.

Become addictive: Those that fall in love too easily find they are attracted to multiple partners, even when in a relationship. This is highly addictive behavior and will destroy any existing relationship. Carrying your heart on your sleeve becomes habitual and falling in and out of love becomes a second habit. It is not possible to enjoy a satisfying relationship with anyone partner because of this negative trait.

It tends to lower standards: One needs to be selective about the type of partner they seek in their romantic life. When we fall in love too easily we tend to lower our standards in choosing partners. This could have disastrous results for both partners. Women also appreciate men that maintain their dignity and a certain standard when it comes to choosing women. They do not appreciate a Romeo that falls for every woman that he comes across.