"If you've ever wanted to travel to experience a location from an insider's perspective,
but didn't have the connections to pull off your trip, pack your bags right now!
We are opening up our "Golden Rolodex" for you to have a WORLD CLASS vacation.

Ci vediamo in Italia!

Coming soon a trip in April

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“Your life will never be the same!”

Dear Friend,

Italian Inspirational Fashion Designer Micaela Passeri joyfully invites you to join her to celebrate YOU in Italy! Come along on an intimate journey that will titillate your senses, rejuvenate your soul and engage your creativity with a select group of world travelers, culture lovers and fashion aficionados. You will immerse yourself in the culture, art, food, people giving and indulging yourself in a life changing experience in the most romantic city in Italy: Florence.

Your life will never be the same when you experience Italy through the eyes of a true Italian.  A unique trip that combines adventure, indulgence and empowerment. You will feel like an Italian who has lived in Italy for 20 years as you stay in a modern day Noble Villa right in the center of Florence, fulfill your shopping dream to the secret shops Micaela has patronized for almost 40 years, adventure to places you would only go to because you know this extraordinary designer and tour host!

Take the time to read further and see for yourself!

We Have The Perfect Way.

There’s no place like … Florence and the Tuscan countryside. There’s no place like Italy! In fact, the Amore! Retreat was designed for you … for you to feel like royalty in your heart and soul … an indulgence in "you" nurturing "you." We also mean that literally, as you explore and lunch at a 700-year-old grand castle embracing the royalty that you are as unique human beings on this planet.

You will stay in fabulous accommodations, with food to match, visit a 700 year old castle, a world class spa, sleep in a 13th Century Villa as well as taking in the flavor of the culture with scenery that is nothing short of breathtaking.

You’ll taste and feel the history, art, impeccable food and transcending style.

Micaela is ready to leave a lasting impression on the minds of sophisticated travelers like you. Traveling with her is a blend of beautiful happenings, skillful professionalism and truly unique and intimate experiences rarely captured by other forms of touring.

Where Opulence Meets Eclectic: Imagine a world where personal well-being is the only thing that matters. Become a part of the endless discoveries and warm receptions on The Amore! Retreat. It’s affordable comfort with a touch of flair.

There is something about traveling to a foreign country that is guaranteed to result in some kind of profound personal change.

Give yourself the gift of enriching your life and learning new things that you would otherwise not learn or experience if you stayed at home. It’s something everyone should experience and a remarkable way to build character, create deep connections and bring out your passionate side.

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About the retreat:

Amore! Retreat is a 9-day immersion into the enchantment—the magic of Italy, wrapped in the ultimate indulgence of enriching your heart and soul. The retreat was designed to get you on a life-changing fast track to enjoy life at an inspired and enriched level. Come with your husband, wife, life partner, lover or just bring a friend, family member, etc. The focus is on you and your loved ones having experiences to remember for the rest of your lives. Each person’s experience will be different, but we’re convinced that it will surely be memorable and enriching. Imagine…being with special people in your life that you bring with you as you experience this adventure together.

This retreat was created for women, men, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends, spouses, and those looking for more Connection, more Love, more Freedom, more Enjoyment in their intimate and close relationships. We’re going to show you everything it takes to nurture your Self and your Heart to embrace all of the important facets of your life. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

We’ve built into this retreat, beyond an exquisite vacation, a focus on the Heart … the space, time, experiences, learning, connecting, and enrichment … that you take home as keys to help you live with a happier and healthier version of yourself and your relationships. We have a good feeling that 9 days of shopping, spa treatments, incredible like-minded people … and a whole day at a castle luxuriating and connecting with Amore!’s experiential activities will do it!

Get your own EAT PRAY LOVE experience all in one place!

Join us for 9 days of Amore! immersion in Italy where we'll:
  • Go on a new adventure every day … Florence, Tuscany ‘insider’ adventures with our own Micaela Passeri, born and raised in Florence
  • Explore life in a different culture, a romantic and passionate one at that. Indulge in Italia

    1. The culture, history, magnificent art … as we visit some local, and world renowned museums in Florence
    2. The fashion … as we shop designer outlets and some of Micaela’s local secret stores … of course!
    3. The amazing authentic Italian food … We’ll go to local favorites, not tourist traps ...
    4. Witness local artisans working their craft, whether it be mosaic making, paper making, handbag making or even essential oil making, you will see how true artisans have kept the traditions alive until today!
    5. The warm, friendly, passionate Italian people
    6. And through custom experiences we have built just for you!

  • Get pampered at a natural spring spa in the Tuscan countryside where you will enjoy 3 treatments … and lounge around the natural spring pools built just for you like historic villas, majestic castles, places and events that even some locals do not know about!
  • Bond with yourself and loved ones
  • Discover Love … practicing living from the Heart … finding a deeper connection and better ways to support yourself, your loved ones and your environment for living an extraordinary life … We’ll show you how—and if you already know how, you’ll have the perfect space, time, and environment to live it fully…
  • Set yourself up to enjoy life with less stress and preoccupation … to be happy and peaceful, and create a harmonious life that flows easily …

Ignite your Passion.
Inspire your Mind.
Replenish your Soul.

It’s critical to your happiness to connect and reconnect with the meaning of life for you, to get away so that you return with either a new outlook on life, an idea of what you’d like to change or maybe a greater appreciation for the life you already have. Ignite your passion. Inspire your Mind. Replenish your Soul. When was the last time you did this?

Here’s what they say about Amore! Retreat

If you’ve ever dreamt of going to Italy, now is the time
with this never before kind of adventure.

Love Who You Are, Love What You’ll Hear,
Love How You Live, Love Your Inner and Outer Beauty,
Love Each Other, Love this Extraordinary time
in Italy together!

Your Italian adventure awaits!

Here’s what we’ll be doing …

Here’s what you’ll receive in your Amore! Retreat. We’ll take you through all of these and more. The focus is on you nurturing you and your loved one ... and experiencing a deeper connection for a more authentic relationship ... in an entirely new world! Remember, your life is what you make of it. Let us accompany you in this amazing journey.

Your 9-Day Itinerary at a Glance:
Take a look and see what's in store for you…

Depart from The United States via the Airline Courier of your Choice. We spend a day in the air as we change time zones.

Florentine style and grandeur,
with a modern touch...

WELCOME to Italy! Fly into Peretola Airport, located in Florence. It is one of the two main airports in the Tuscany region.

Check into The Borghese Palace Art Hotel in Downtown Florence. The Borghese Hotel is a beautifully restored noble residence on a historical site. It is known for fusing the old world with the new as it meshes it's ancient walls with contemporary art and furniture.

The Borghese Palace Art Hotel occupies a wing of a grand, neo-classical palazzo on one of Florence's oldest streets. This boutique hotel offers a unique and sophisticated mix of the old-world charm of a historic Florentine palazzo and an appreciation of modern style, as is evident in its recently remodeled rooms, one-off designer decorated bedrooms, and the many original contemporary works of art on display on the premises. A perfect place for the hotel's monthly art exhibitions by international artists.

Depending on your time of arrival, the rest of the day is at your leisure to settle in, relax and begin exploring the city, maybe even do a little shopping. In the evening, enjoy a Welcome Dinner with your hosts and traveling buddies at a local favorite restaurant.

Rendezvous with history in Florence – Borghese Palace Art is located in the very center of old Florence, just a few blocks from the magnificent Duomo of Florence and the prestigious Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, and a 5-minute walk away from the most important museums of the city. The Accademia where the David resides and The Uffizi, which is to Florence what the Louvre is to Paris … where one can admire, among thousands, masterpieces such as Michelangelo Buonarroti's David and Botticelli's Primavera, each of which could alone justify a trip to Italy.

Sorprese! Sorprese! Sorprese! in store for you once you arrive.

“Each day will feature a Meditation Session with intention setting to get grounded for the day's adventure as it relates to the activity at hand.”

FLORENCE - Spend the day walking downtown Florence, experiencing the local culture and fabulous shopping. A knowledgeable guide will take you around town and show you the living history and the culture alive in Florence. Micaela will take you to some of her favorite and secret stores, as well as to a private rowing club where you will have lunch by the river and meet the locals. Visit museums and artisan laboratories and learn how to make a mosaic and a handbag in the same day!

MEDIOEVO - Our third day is a full day visiting the medieval towns of Siena, San Giminiano and Monteriggioni. Situated on a dramatic cliff-top location with views of the Tuscan Chianti side, we will have the opportunity to walk along the ancient walls of the city and dress in medieval armor. Monteriggioni's walls and the buildings that make up the town within are the best-preserved examples of their kind in all of Italy, attracting tourists, architects, medieval historians and archaeologists. The town appears to float above the valley at night, due to the hillside walls and towers being lit from below.

AMORE RETREAT! The most stunning of castles in Florence, Castel di Poggio welcomes us for a private all-day event.

We’ll take a tour of the Castel, which will leave you feeling as if you were in the medieval times. This spectacular castle will leave you breathless with its intricate and well-crafted architecture in the gorgeous country setting.

Then we will luxuriate in giving our Inner Selves, the royal treatment. We will gather in the Amore Circle and share from our hearts gifting each person with many of life's secrets. Gifts that can change your life and those around you. Gifts that are ways to putting the best version of you forward. The process we will be doing is an experiential and interactive one that supports each person in the circle to step into the higher version of themselves, releasing any blocks and limitations.

We'll end our afternoon like royalty with a delicious Italian dinner at one of Micaela’s favorite restaurants!

Our hearts will feel even more fulfilled as we culminate this night. This Castle is owned by a private foundation where our patronage will help support orphanages in Africa and other countries. What a beautiful way to Love, to be the Amore spirit.

GIORNO ALLA MODA - A Day of Fashion to shop Italian style at world class designer stores like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Pucci, Armani, Ferragamo and many more. There are two main Florence outlet and many private outlets sponsored by the biggest labels where you can shop with savings of up to 70%. You will enjoy the Florence outlets and the amazing shopping experience they has to offer, an exciting journey into the world of Italian Haute Couture.

BELLEZZA E RELAX - One full day of indulgence at The Terme. You will be treated to a deluxe spa package of indulgence with full access to the outdoor pool. The Terme is an old farm house which dates back to the seven hundreds. This majestic home was finely restored without altering its unique dimensions and original characteristics, while adding rich innovations and fascinating novelties which provide elements of notable quality. This luxury SPA Hotel in Tuscany can be defined as being the very first real “beauty farm.” The Terme’s main farmhouse is, in fact, surrounded by other old homes, which today have become splendid residences ready to meet any type of necessity for those exigent guests who love Tuscany and Italy, luxury and classic hotels and spa resorts.

Spend a part of your day at a second Spa relaxing by the natural hot spring pool where you can relax, meditate, and rejuvenate. Or just relax in the garden of the 13th Century villa which you have called home, adorned in typical old world style, you can experience what it was like living in the Italian era, living like a Lady or Lord.

Spend the night at a family owned organic winery where we will have a cooking class and learn how to make authentic Italian food...oh, yes, we will eat it as well!

VINO - Wake up at the winery where we will have a private lunch and a tour of the vinyard as well as learn how organic wine is made. The vinyard is one of 11 Carmignano wine vinyards and one of the only ones that produces organic wine in the area. The wine is produced in limited quantity and is of high esteem and exclusiveness due to the way it is produced.

You will also visit the regal palace of Poggio a Caiano “Villa Ambra” and visit Leonardo da Vinci’s hometown of Vinci and witness some of his historic inventions.

After an amazing final day at the winery, we will go back into town for our final dinner together at the most famous restaurant in Florence owned by an old family friend.

The after dinner Italian goodbye might be a tearful one!
The incredible bonding, the new friends, the adventures and experiences make leaving a place so tough. But the memories will last a lifetime ... There's nothing else like Italia and the Amore! Retreat.

Arrivederci! Depart from Florence for your homebound flight that arrives the same day. You will take with you fond memories, images of the beautiful scenery and the many Momentos you found along the way.

(Please note that travel will be 9 days as we lose a day in departure.)

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Call now to register ONLY 6 spots available!

Amore Retreat Price: $3,895


  • 6 nights Hotel Accommodation as per our itinerary and 1 night at the Bacchereto Winery in standard residence homes.
  • Meals: All Breakfasts / 6 Lunches / 6 Dinners. These meals will be at local restaurant bistros and the predesigned special events. These are real Italian Restaurants - not the "tourist traps".
  • Services of a professional English-speaking Tour Director throughout the tour.
  • Services of professional driver/guide, local guides/assistants as specified in the itinerary, including spa services according to the spa package chosen and entrance to the natural springs.
  • All transfers to and from the airport.
  • Sightseeing and museum tour entrance fees as specified in the itinerary.
  • Entrance and tuition for the Amore! Retreat at the Castle on Day 4 (which includes rental of the Castle for a day).
  • Transportation between cities for all 9 days on quality, private cars, taxis, buses or mini buses.
  • Winery excursion and cooking class.

*Airport transfers are based on one group transfer to/from the airport. Otherwise airport transfers are not included. If individual or additional transfers are required, then supplements will need to be applied.


  • Tips and gratuities (porters, bell hops, drivers, etc)
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Some lunches and dinners on your time off.
  • Alcohol beverages are not included. Any cocktails, wine, aperitifs, after dinner drinks will be an additional charge.
  • “Airfare” (you may book your own airfare, use miles or check with us for group rate discounted fares).
  • Travel Insurance (we highly recommend getting travel insurance to protect your purchase.  For more information, contact Suite Retreats at the information below).
*Itinerary and hotel list are subject to change. Additional services required while touring are paid directly. If you are planning to extend your Italy stay beyond our trip dates and need help Contact our Premier Travel Agency Suite Retreats. Our expert Riccardo will be glad to help. US cell. (608) 338 9758, or email him at info@suiteretreats.com

Complete a form by clicking this button to have someone call you …

or call now to register, ONLY 6 spots available!

*Price is based on current exchange rate and for a minimum of 6 people. The tour is based on availability and on a unique combination of accommodations and services. In the event that the total number of guests registered is less than the minimum required, we reserve the right to make appropriate itinerary changes based on the actual number of registered guests. Please note that initial deposit of $500 is not refundable. Cancellations can be made up to 45 days before departure date. In the event of a cancellation, deposits and final payments are non-refundable, but are partially transferable (excluding airfare). Please note that if you pay with a credit card there will be a 3% merchant fee cost. Please contact info@AmoreRetreats.com for more information.

Accommodation Restrictions: Due to the age of buildings in Italy and their layout, not all hotels, villas and other accommodations will have ultra modern setups (ie. new bathrooms, etc). In some of the Villas where we will be staying, there will be shared bathrooms and in some occasions shared rooms for those that have opted for single occupancy.

Suite Retreats is our Premier travel agency partner. All payments are made through Suite Retreats. You may pay your deposit with check or credit card, but all subsequent payments will be paid with a check only. Make checks payable to Suite Retreats and mail to 4901 Bayfield Terrace, Madison WI, 53705.